What to Bring to the NICU

Doctors have just told you that your newborn will need to be placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for a bit. There are some issues they want to evaluate before you can bring your baby home. Don’t panic, as your little one will be in good hands. You want to be with your baby in the NICU as soon as possible, so packing for the NICU must be handled quickly.

What to Bring for YOU

Back packed for a baby.

A great big soft bag is a must. If you are more comfortable with a suitcase, that’s fine too. Fill it with items to make you feel at home (when you’re not home). Bring that big comfy robe to not only keep you warm, but to make it easier to do kangaroo care even with others in the room.

Once you find out whether you are able to spend the night at the NICU, some of the following items might vary.

Have lots of snacks for yourself, especially healthy ones like fruit, nuts, and granola bars.

Blankets, afghans, and several sweaters so you can add or subtract depending on the temperature. Bring your pillow so you are comfortable.

Bring a notebook to write down any instructions for later. Your laptop or tablet can provide some downtime for you.

Several changes of clothes. You don’t want to go home every time something gets dirty. A laundry bag can be helpful too.

Bring some things just for you, including personal toiletries. Bring music, books, and anything that will relax you. Slippers or warm socks will keep your feet warm and make you feel comfortable.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of the baby.

What to Bring for Baby

Most of what your little one will need is provided by the NICU with some exceptions.

Cute bows or little hats can bring out their personality.

Bring some cute onesies once your baby can wear them.

Contact your NICU care team at Fairfax Neonatal Associates if you have any questions or need suggestions on what to bring to the NICU.

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