Billing Frequently Asked Questions

In the hospital, you will see many people wearing scrubs or lab coats. It can be hard to tell the neonatologist from other doctors. However, a neonatologist, pediatrician and/or nurse practitioner from Fairfax Neonatal Associates, PC (FNAPC) will care for a baby in the hospital when the obstetrician or your pediatrician asks us to. A bill is generated when an FNAPC provider renders services to the patient. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Fairfax Neonatal Associates, PC is a private pediatric multi-specialty practice that provides services at hospitals; however, are not employees of the hospital system. The hospitals, to ensure accessibility to critical care services in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, has affiliated with our group to have providers onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our group is organized into divisions to facilitate medical care and services for our patients. The divisions have separate “doing as business” names to help identify the division.

Neo Services is the contracted name with the Carefirst health plan for the neonatologists and hospital-based pediatricians of Fairfax Neonatal Associates, P.C. when services are provided in the Carefirst service area:

All physicians and providers listed under NeoServices are the same group of providers listed as Fairfax Neonatal Associates, PC.

  • Prenatal consultation - at the request of another physician or other qualified health care professional when there is a potential or known risk for complications or illness during the pregnancy or when the mother has been diagnosed with a disease or other medical problem. These can take place either in the inpatient or outpatient setting.
  • Attendance at delivery - when there is a request by the delivering physician or other qualified health care professional to be present as part of the delivery team to provide the initial stabilization of the newborn.
  • Resuscitation - if when attending the delivery the newborn requires respiratory support to achieve adequate ventilation and meets the criteria for resuscitation, the attendance at delivery will be converted to resuscitation.
  • Newborn Consultation - at the request of another physician or other qualified health care professional to exam the baby based on a specific concern or issue. The baby remains in the “well baby” or FCC nursery where a neonatologist or hospitalist pediatrician will exam the baby and make the appropriate medically necessary recommendations.
  • Newborn care - Fairfax Neonatal Associates, PC provides routine newborn care or “well baby” care at Inova Children’s Hospital, Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, and Inova Loudoun Hospital. It is a requirement that newborns receive medical examinations and care during their hospital stay. Our providers will rendered the needed newborn care services when a family pediatrician is not noted in the hospital record, or does not have medical staff privileges, or a pediatrician has not yet been selected when the baby is delivered. Care is provided on a daily basis while your newborn is hospitalized.
  • Pediatric Services - additional pediatric services may be provided to your child at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital through the ER and pediatric floor.

Every insurance company is different. Don’t assume because you are covered by an insurance company they will automatically add your child to the plan. Your very first step should be to contact your insurance company or human resource administrator to gain a complete understanding of the steps you will have to take. Most often, you will be required to call them within a few days of delivery to add your baby to the plan. In most instances, you are given 30 days however each insurance company has specific timelines. It is recommended to add the baby as soon as possible to minimize the risk of any potential complications of coverage or non-coverage.

Whenever there is a change in coverage during a hospital stay it is extremely important to notify the hospital immediately. This will give the hospital the opportunity to obtain the appropriate pre-authorization for the stay. It will also be important to notify anyone that has sent a statement or bill for care provided to your newborn in the NICU as they may only have the original information and not the updated insurance plan. Early notification will eliminate or minimize any complications or denials of claims being submitted by the various providers that are involved in the care of your newborn.

You may call our billing office at 703-289-1450 Monday – Friday during the hours of 8 – 4:30pm, fax a copy of the front and back of your insurance card to 703-289-1414, or mail a copy of the front and back of your insurance card to the billing office at:

Fairfax Neonatal Associates, PC
3060 Williams Drive, Suite 520
Fairfax, VA 22031

Coordination of benefits (COB) is required when you have multiple insurance plans. Coordination of benefits is the determination of which insurance pays: primary, secondary, or tertiary.

Please reference our Medical Records section for the appropriate forms and steps to process a copy of medical and/or billing records from Fairfax Neonatal Associates, P.C.

For records from other healthcare providers and facilities, please contact them directly.

Yes. Fairfax Neonatal Associates, PC accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  You can pay via credit card online, via phone, or via mail.