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The Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center provides a fully accredited sleep laboratory at our Fairfax location; and medical examination rooms at our two Virginia locations: Fairfax and Leesburg offices.

The Steps for Patient Referrals to the Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center:

  • Please complete the Referral/Sleep Study Order form, include the patient’s demographics, patient’s insurance information, a recent progress note if ordering a sleep study, and send by FAX to (855) 208-6428. Please provide the best contact number for your patient.
  • Our scheduling team will call the patient/family to schedule a sleep study or sleep consultation with one of our physicians. If you are ordering a sleep study, our scheduling team will obtain preauthorization for the sleep study, if required by the patient’s insurance plan.
  • After the sleep study is completed, our sleep medicine physician interprets the study and prepares a report which will include the data and recommendations. The report is sent to you at the office fax number listed on Referral/ Sleep Study Order form.

Thank you for the referral to the Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center.

Sleep Medicine

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COVID-19 Update

We are closely following the most up-to-date announcements and information on the known cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Because this information is always changing, we will be monitoring all updates from the  Centers for Disease Control and Virginia Department of Health. 

If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, please make sure to contact us via phone prior to your appointment. You may also contact us for any additional questions by calling our offices.

Here are a few additional resources as well: 

Virginia Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control