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Sleep Medicine

Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center

For Referring Providers


The Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center provides a fully accredited sleep laboratory and medical examination rooms at our Fairfax location.

The Steps for Patient Referrals to the Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center:

  • Please complete the Referral/Sleep Study Order form, include the patient’s demographics, patient’s insurance information, a recent progress note if ordering a sleep study, and send by FAX to (855) 208-6428. Please provide the best contact number for your patient.
  • Our scheduling team will call the patient/family to schedule a sleep study or sleep consultation with one of our physicians. If you are ordering a sleep study, our scheduling team will obtain preauthorization for the sleep study, if required by the patient’s insurance plan.
  • After the sleep study is completed, our sleep medicine physician interprets the study and prepares a report which will include the data and recommendations. The report is sent to you at the office fax number listed on Referral/ Sleep Study Order form.

Thank you for the referral to the Pediatric and Adolescent Sleep Center.