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NEW Patient Portal!

April 29, 2019 1:18 pm

FNAPC is now using the AthenaHealth Patient Portal system!

Our outpatient divisions are pleased to announce that we have successfully transitioned our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system to AthenaHealth as of April 2nd.  With this switch comes many added benefits to you, our valued patients, most notably of which is our patient portal. On our portal you can:

– Communicate directly with your care team

– Request prescription refills

– Make and change appointments*

– Check in online

– Review your health records

– Complete medical forms

– Pay your bill

– Research relevant health topics

… and more!


*Appointments may not be made or changed at our Sleep Center currently. 



This portal will allow our offices to give you the information you need and the access you want in a more streamlined fashion. You can sign-up and log into your portal account here:

If you are one of our sleep medicine patients using the “Follow my Health” portal, please re-register with us!  Your current portal will no longer allow you access, and we want you to stay connected with us.  


Of course, with any major change there are always adjustments to be made by the staff. We greatly appreciate your patience as we adapt to our new EMR system. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us—by phone or on the portal!—and we will be happy to help.



See you at the office and on the portal!


– Pediatric Lung & Allergy Center

– Pediatric Surgical Group

– Pediatric & Adolescent Sleep Center

COVID-19 Update

We are closely following the most up-to-date announcements and information on the known cases of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Because this information is always changing, we will be monitoring all updates from the  Centers for Disease Control and Virginia Department of Health. 

If you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, please make sure to contact us via phone prior to your appointment. You may also contact us for any additional questions by calling our offices.

Here are a few additional resources as well: 

Virginia Department of Health

Centers for Disease Control